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All the losers sing a hymn in Hell.

This is a message to seduce you.

Doesn't feel like telling her real name, so she mostly goes under the nick "Lyn". 19, lives in Lithuania. Can speak English perfectly, knows a tiny bit of German, can understand almost everything in Russian, though she can't read nor write in that language. Is hoping that one day she will be able to learn Japanese and maybe Korean. Wants to study medicine abroad. Rather arrogant, but knows how to be down to earth. Usually hard to amuse. Very open-minded.
Adores the Asian culture, preferably the Korean and Japanese. K-pop and J-rock take 80% of her playlist. The GazettE are her muses, object of admiration and never ending fangirling. T.O.P, Jonghyun and Jiyoon are her Korean sweethearts. box #4 | Checkers
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